My name is Komang – I love the sun, warmth, sea, nature and good people. I traveled a lot of lands, but in Bali I found a place that I can honestly say I want to live here for the rest of my life. In Amed, unlike the southern part of the island hit by mass tourism, the right ratio is all together. My enthusiasm will not allow me to stay idle for a long time, and perhaps because I was born in the sign of a water element and I love water activities, I had the idea of setting up a company together with Indonesian friends to provide fun not only to us, but also to you. Being the first is not easy, getting the necessary permissions was not easy, but we’ve outgrown it so we can offer you the chance to spend the Amed much more intensely, with the right dose of adrenaline, and take away many wonderful experiences with you.

Our team, whose members are Komang, Arjuna and Yoseph, are looking forward to seeing you.